Archives: April 2009

Calling Card

Because I travel so much, hence the blog and the title, I leave my calling cards everywhere I go all over the world. I would love to start getting comments from people who find my card in random places.

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A Fijian Beach

On Tuesday, I spent my first full day on a Fijian beach. We traveled from Nausori town to Pacific Harbor and we relaxed at the Uprising Beach Resort. The food was amazing and the sunshine and warm waters were even...

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Swine Flu and Sensationalism

I talked to my mother on Monday, and one of the first things out of her mouth is “Be careful, the swine flu is going around. You and Keondra make sure you wash your hands.” We were dying laughing because...

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Paradise is that you?

Sunday morning, after very little sleep, I headed to the airport to catch a flight to Nadi, Fiji. The flight was three hours and 20 minutes and as we descended into Nadi International Airport, I was pretty sure that I...

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