Archives: May 2009

Wow, Did he really say that?

We all know Amber Rose’s name thanks to Kanye West. Ever since the pair have entered the scene together everyone can’t help but ask if it’s the real thing, especially given her lesbian past and seemingly opportunistic nature. That’s not...

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Hello, my name is Carmen Sandiego and I am obsessed with twittering my life away. I am not a twitter master, as in I rarely retweet and am not quite sure what the # means, but I do tweet or...

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What a Mess

For everyone that thinks that my life is super glamorous because of all of the travel, not so much, this is what my room looks like. Suitcases everywhere, clothes and toiletries all over the place. While I love the amount...

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Topz in Birmingham, Michigan is my absolute favorite place to go for turkey burgers. They pride themselves on serving healthy food, and whenever I am in Detroit I stop in. In fact, when I lived in Detroit I used to...

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Cover Photoshoot

Yesterday I had the opportunity to assist another friend, Gabi Gregg, with styling on a cover shoot with Universal recording artist and friend, Suai. The shoot was for African American Family magazine, which is a Detroit based magazine. Although I...

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