Archives: December 2010

An Ode to Tom’s

A new craze in the fashion world in the last year has been Tom’s shoes. Comfortable shoes that most people find as ugly as Uggs (also one of my favorite pairs of shoes). I believe @dreamhampton once referred to them...

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Merry Christmas?

From when we are children, we learn that Christmas is the most important holiday of the year, not necessarily because of Jesus Christ, because a lot of people I know don’t even go to church on Christmas. Christmas is the...

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A Day in the Life

Yesterday we traveled to the two furthest villages that are covered by our programs in order to give the mothers of the children their monthly allowance for breakfast, money that comes from their sponsors in Italy. This meant a 30...

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“Is that a Cadillac?”

This past weekend we traveled to Cotonou which is Benin’s largest city and about a five hour bumpy and hot bus ride away. While there we went to Benin Marina Hotel for drinks one evening, which is apparently the best...

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