Archives: February 2011

Sorry for the silence

I haven’t blogged in a while because we had a visitor. A friend of ours from LSE who is currently working in Senegal came to visit so we were moving all over the country, showing her the best that Benin...

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Flat Tire

On Wednesday afternoon, Saturnin (one of our local employees) and I headed to one of the primary schools covered by our program. It is about 30 minute ride and the 90 degree heat coupled with the beaming sun made it...

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I would like to amend an earlier post when I referred to our ride to Cotonou as hell. Sadly I was mistaken about what hell is but i think I’m a little closer to finding out. Two incidences helped me...

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Quotes from the Trip: Benin

me: “Sarah Palin is an idiot.” him: “No, really?” me: “Do you have deers in Italy?” him: “Whats that?” me: “Bambi” him: “Oh. Yes.” “He’s so scary. He’s so tall and black.” “Don’t give her the camera, she doesn’t know...

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