Archives: March 2011

Observations: Languages

In German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Swahili, Luganda, and Hindi the letter “i” is pronounced “e” (think the long english e). Yet in English it is never pronounced “e”. Why is that? It makes it very confusing for people who...

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Where Am I

The number one question that I get when communicating with people on facebook, twitter or email is “where are you?” This has been pretty consistent since I left Japan in February 2009. After leaving Japan, I set out on a...

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Back to Being a Minority

On the plane from Paris to Rome on the continuation of our exodus from rural Africa to the industrialized world….well Italy for now….I noticed that I was the only black person and I sighed, “back to being a minority.” While...

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Bye Benin

Ok, so I know I said I was staying here until the end of March but plans have changed…..again. I will be leaving Benin next Friday. Yup, Friday March 18, 2011 I will be on my way back to Europe,...

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