Archives: January 2012

Book Review: Little Bee

A year and a half ago ago, a friend imparted a gift to me, “You must read Little Bee.” No she did not give me the book she simply gave the command. Chris Cleve’s Little Bee is a story that...

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My Goals for 2012

  Another day another year! 2011 flew by super fast and now 2012 is upon us. This year is bound to be full of travel, new experiences, new friendships, strengthening of old friendships and enjoying life as I best can....

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Life in Kinshasa

“If today we eat, tomorrow we’ll drink tea,” said Dieudonné Nsala, a father of five who earns $60 a month as an administrator at the Education Ministry. Rent is $120 a month; the numbers, Mr. Nsala pointed out, simply do...

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