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Stay Tuned

I recently resigned from my job and have decided to travel indefinitely. After nearly one year living in America I realize it just is not a good fit, at least not on a full time basis. I have left jobs in the past to travel for various periods of time...

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Five Things to Do in Dakar, Senegal

In 2014 as part of my whirlwind global tour in honor of my 30th birthday I landed in Dakar to visit an old friend. I had heard amazing things about the city and Senegal and since I had a friend there, it was the perfect time to visit. Long story short I had an amazing time between the history of Gorée Island, the delicious and inexpensive seafood and the uncrowded beaches, Senegal was a dream.

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My Bucket List

People tell me all of the time that I have been everywhere and I always reply I feel like I haven’t been anywhere. I have been to 51 countries and 33 states. The world is a huge place and I’ve only seen 20% of it. My wanderlust has definitely gotten...

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Save Money on Travel

Last week it was announced that the US Justice Department would be investigating several major airlines for possible collusion. In recent years, the number of available seats domestically has declined, prices on several routes have increased and those pesky airline fees have us trying to stuff as much as we...

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The Relaunch!

Happy Travel Tuesday! Today I am officially relaunching my website. I have been blogging since 2008 when I made my first move outside of the US to Japan. The blog has evolved over time and captures many of my adventures of traveling to 51 countries on six continents and living...

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Jet Black x Haiti

For the inaugural group trip for Jet Black, Haiti was a no-brainer. Not only is the country beautiful, but it has a very rich history. As the first black independent nation, they fought off the British, French and Spanish to gain their freedom. In April, I traveled to Haiti for...

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